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The Future of Healthcare: Industry Trends to Watch from 2022-2032


The healthcare industry is on track to experience significant growth over the next decade. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), total employment in the U.S. will grow by nearly 4.7 million jobs from 2022 to 2032. Out of this, a whopping 45% will be in the healthcare and social assistance sector. So, what jobs will be most in demand, and what factors are driving this growth? Let's take a closer look.

The Big Picture: Overall Job Growth

First, it's essential to understand the broader context. The U.S. economy is expected to add almost 4.7 million jobs over a ten-year period, increasing the total employment to 169.1 million. However, this is a slower growth rate compared to the previous decade. It's growing at 0.3% annually, less than the 1.2% we saw from 2012-2022.

Healthcare Leads the Way

The healthcare and social assistance sector is not just growing; it's booming. It's expected to add about 2.1 million jobs, making it the fastest-growing sector. It will account for nearly half of all new jobs created. Jobs like home health aides, nurse practitioners, and health services managers are on the rise, mainly due to the care needs of an aging population.

The Aging Population and Chronic Conditions

One significant driver of this growth is America's aging population. As people get older, they need more healthcare services. On top of this, we're seeing more people with chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. These factors combined make healthcare jobs more crucial than ever.

Four Industries Leading the Charge

Four out of the ten fastest-growing industries belong to this sector. Individual and family services are expected to grow the fastest, at an annual rate of 2.2%. All these numbers point to a trend: the healthcare sector is where you'll find abundant job opportunities and rapid growth in the coming decade.

Job-Specific Trends: Healthcare Support Occupations

Support roles in healthcare, like home health and personal care aides, are projected to grow the fastest—15.4% over the next ten years. These jobs are crucial for taking care of the elderly and are expected to account for 1 out of every 6 new jobs by 2032.

Job-Specific Trends: Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

With the rise of team-based healthcare models, there's a growing demand for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Nurse practitioners are expected to see a 44.5% growth, while physician assistants will see a 26.5% increase. These roles are becoming more critical as they often perform tasks that were traditionally done by doctors.

Job Growth and Opportunities

  • Opportunities to specialize in family, commercial, or community mediation
  • Potential to start an independent mediation practice
  • Growing demand in corporate settings for internal dispute resolution


The healthcare industry is poised for remarkable growth over the next decade. With an aging population and a rise in chronic conditions, there's a growing need for healthcare professionals across various roles. Whether it's support roles or specialized positions like nurse practitioners, the opportunities in healthcare are abundant and growing. This is not just good news for those looking for job security, but it's also crucial for a country that will need strong healthcare services more than ever.

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